President's Message

Dear Friends,


Before I begin, I would like to thank the previous Executive Committee consisting of Noel Low, Soh Yun Wen, Selene Tanne, Tan Xin Yi, Kimberley Ng, Carol Yin and Tan Yan Shen for helming UKSLSS this past year. Their efforts have culminated in a smooth handover of duties to the incoming Executive Committee, who is incredibly blessed to be taking over the Society in good stead amid the pandemic. 


The current climate is imposing significant challenges by restricting our abilities to organise in-person events for the first half of the academic year. However, the incoming Executive Committee, consisting of myself, Lauren Goh, Chow Yun Kei, Andrew Young, Remus Joel Wong, Tan Jing Yan, and Phoenix Gay is incredibly determined to turn these challenges into opportunities to improve the work of UKSLSS through online means. Despite the trying times ahead, the Society will continue to represent and support your needs, regardless of which university you are in and which career path you choose. Our ultimate goal is to create a tight-knitted community of Singaporean law students in the UK who can support one another through their legal studies. To achieve these aims, the Executive Committee is planning several events to address these concerns.


Opportunities: Freshers’ Activities, University Representatives and Sub-Committees


We are kicking off our line-up of events with two Freshers’ Welcome Calls taking place on 3rd October 2020 and 10th October 2020. We hope that these calls will allow new members to gain an interest in our Society and that this will spur them on to serve as University Representatives. Concurrently, we will be inviting attendees and other members of the Society to be part of either the Marketing Sub-Committee or the Editorial Committee. Do keep a lookout for more details and announcements regarding these opportunities on our social media channels, including our Instagram page, which will be set up very soon! 


Careers: Exclusive Sponsor Virtual Firm Recruitment Events, Webinars and More!


As we do every year, we are hosting the SYNC Vac Scheme Helpdesk virtually on 24th October 2020. The Helpdesk will feature a panel of UKSLSS alumni who are Trainee Solicitors working in the UK. The discussions will surround their reasons for choosing to work in the UK, application tips for vac schemes and what students can do now to prepare for applications. This event is a must-attend, regardless of whether you are applying to vac schemes this year or a fresher looking to learn what it is like to work in the UK!


We are also organising exclusive virtual recruitment events with our sponsors, such as Rajah & Tann. These will replace the recruitment teas they usually hold in London. Additionally, we are looking to increase the engagement of our sponsors via periodic webinars that provide you with practice area insights, case study workshops, and more!


The academic year will once again culminate in the 14th Singapore Legal Forum (“SLF”) on 21st August 2021. It is uncertain whether it will take place online or in-person. However, you can expect a more interactive forum consisting of debates, case study workshops and a lengthier career fair with industry veterans and our sponsors. Be sure to keep the date free!


The Editorial Committee


The Singapore Comparative Law Review (“SCLR”), our Society’s flagship student-run legal journal has once again achieved great recognition and success under the leadership of Yan Shen. We will build on the foundations he has laid and increase the standard of it by inviting esteemed judges and academics from both the UK and in Singapore to guest write. As such, the SCLR is a perfect opportunity for you to critically engage with legal issues both the UK and Singapore and hone academic writing ability either as an Associate Editor or Writer.


The SCLR aside, we have plans to increase both member and sponsor engagement by revamping the Editorial Arm of UKSLSS. We will be launching a news-blast that will be sent to our member’s emails every week. These news-blasts will contain short updates of legal developments in Singapore and the UK, upcoming Society events, as well as training contract and internship application deadlines. Please sign up to our mailing list to become a member and to receive these news-blasts: 


Additionally, we will also be launching a quarterly newsletter that contains academic pieces, opinion pieces and interview transcripts from partners, associates, law graduates and undergraduates. This newsletter will be formally published on the UKSLSS website every four months. With these new plans comes new opportunities to get involved with our Society. 


These new publications provide you with new opportunities to contribute to the Editorial, so keep an eye out for the recruitment of Associate Writers and Editors for all three publications in October!


Concluding Remarks 


While this list is non-exhaustive and excludes the ad-hoc events we may organise from time to time, we hope that it piques your interest and will encourage you to get involved with our Society! If you have any questions or suggestions in the meantime, please feel free to contact me at On that note, I wish you all the very best in the new academic year and that you will stay safe and healthy wherever you are!


Yours sincerely,

Kathleen Teo Kai Hui



Executive Committee 2020/21

United Kingdom Singapore Law Students’ Society


Kathleen Teo Kai Hui