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Below is a list of upcoming events that all members of the UKSLSS have priority to attend. Join here if you haven't become a member (it's free!). Explore overviews of past events and leave a comment or a rating if you've personally attended any.

27 Feb, 20:00 GMT+8
Want to find out what life as a law student in a UK university is like? If you're a current JC student or recent graduate, or are simply interested in pursuing a law degree in the UK, join us! You'll hear from seniors in top UK universities sharing their experience and advice.


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Singapore Legal Forum 2020

Aug. 22 2020 - Online Event

Rajah & Tann Recruitment Tea 2019

Jan. 28, 2019 at Greyhound Café in London

Vac Scheme Helpdesk 2018

Sept. 24, 2018 in collaboration with SYNC

Social Events 2017/18

Outings initiated by University Representatives

Singapore Legal Forum 2018

Aug. 18, 2018 at the ArtScience Museum

Rajah & Tann Recruitment Tea 2018

Feb. 05, 2018 in London

Vac Scheme Helpdesk 2017

Nov. 25, 2017 in collaboration with SYNC

Singapore Legal Forum 2017

Aug. 05, 2017 at NTUC Centre (One Marina Boulevard)

Vac Scheme Helpdesk 2016

Nov. 26, 2016 in collaboration with SYNC