Remus Joel Wong 
Marketing Director
Second Year LLB, University of Nottingham
Hi! I'm Remus, a second-year law student at Notts, and the Marketing Director for this society. Aside from these commitments, I am very passionate about coffee, so do hit me up for a cuppa anytime! I also enjoy baking and taking photos whenever I can, so do give me a ping should you ever want to talk about recipes, or geek out over camera equipment!
Kelvin Ng
Design Director
First Year LLB, University of Birmingham
Hi there, my name is Kelvin Ng and I am currently studying law at the University of Birmingham. Before coming to university, I studied Mass Communication in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. During my free time, I am constantly picking up new hobbies, and so I enjoy doing many different things like digital photography, dancing, singing, baking, playing basketball and cafe hopping!
Tessa Liew 
Deputy Marketing Director 
Second Year LLB, University College London
Hi! I'm Tessa, a second year student at UCL. Apart from this role, I'm passionate about my involvement with Lawyers Without Borders. I feel strongly about a slew of social issues, but those relating to gender inequality and poverty are particularly close to my heart. My predominant hobbies - like everyone else in this committee - are baking and cooking! I also enjoy travelling, interior design, fashion, and writing bread reviews.
Erin Ching 
Head of Content
Second Year LLB, University of Durham
I’m Erin, in my second year at Durham University. I’m people oriented and live by the principle to 'seek first to understand'. As a Law undergraduate I spend most of my time reading and enjoying countless number of cases. I also invest my time in being a voice for the underprivileged street children in India through my love of baking. While unoccupied with all these, you can find me, editing photos and videos that I’ve taken which gives me therapeutic joy and has become another side hustle of mine!
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Marketing Committee 2020/21

The marketing subcommittee is responsible for the day-to-day management of all our media platforms. They include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and this website!