The Challenges Ahead after World Cup 2006


The year 2006 has been a good one for the UKSLSS. Quite apart from the chance of greatly indulging and experiencing the World Cup fever, we have been enjoying very fruitful results from building upon the strong foundations laid by our predecessors in the Society.


With that, the UKSLSS has made contact with over 300 Singaporean law students studying in 19 approved UK universities. This represents more than 95% of the total Singapore-UK law student cohort. We are heartened to see many of them expressing their interest and desire to share our vision of bridging the gap between the Singapore-UK law student community and the Singapore legal profession.


The recent recommendations on the supply of lawyers, announced by the Minister of Law, Professor S Jayakumar, are a timely welcome to the student legal community. Indeed, the relaxation of rules on the requirements for foreign law graduates to enter the Singapore legal profession, will pave the way for more students who are aspiring lawyers but who remain intimidated by the stringent requirements.


The Singapore legal landscape is evolving at a breakneck speed. We are already one of the top arbitration centres in the world and now foreign lawyers can look forward to practising locally alongside their Singaporean counterparts in the areas of banking and finance and corporate regional work in the future. How would the industry react to the idea of allowing foreign talent into the legal profession? Would the future of local lawyers be undermined by the influx of foreign legal talent?


As a Society that serves the interests of the law student community, we encourage all of you to be forward-thinking, to remain competitive and be a part of this challenge of positioning Singapore as the leading hub for legal services in Asia within the next five to ten years. Needless to say, it will be an exciting time for you and me.


I wish all of you the very best in your academic endeavours.

Gary Loh


Executive Committee 2005-2006
United Kingdom Singapore Law Students' Society

Gary Loh