In the Exciting Times Ahead


There has never been a time more exciting than this. From our humble beginnings organising recruitment tea sessions with a handful of law firms, our Society has truly come a long way.


Over summer, with the support of our colleagues from the NUS Law School, we had successfully organised the inaugural Singapore Legal Forum at the Supreme Court of Singapore. The Forum featured a keynote address by the Honourable the Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong, a dialogue session chaired by then President of the Law Society Philip Jeyaratnam SC, an exhibition moot judged by Judge of Appeal Justice VK Rajah, Dean of the NUS Law School Tan Cheng Han SC, and Partner of Rajah & Tann Francis Xavier, as well as a Law Fair by Allen & Gledhill, Drew & Napier, Rajah & Tann, Wong Partnership, Rodyk & Davidson, Stamford Law Corporation, Khattar Wong, Shook Lin & Bok, Ince & Co, and the Singapore Legal Service, among others. In only its first year, the Forum was attended by over 500 participants, was featured prominently in the media, especially on Channel NewsAsia, and was highly regarded by the entire legal fraternity.


We have subsequently had our Annual General Meeting at the Law Society of Singapore, at which then President of the Law Society Philip Jeyaratnam SC delivered the closing address. For the second year running, we have jointly organised a welcome tea session in London with Contact Singapore, inviting alumni of the Society to share their views on career choices in law with many of our members. Our annual publication Lex Loci continues to feature a wide range of articles from recruitment, work experience, lifestyle and interviews, and is circulated among our members, UK universities, law firms and government bodies. We hope to continue to hold social drinks in London and in Singapore, vacation recruitment tea sessions with law firms, a tea session with the Singapore Law Society or the Singapore Academy of Law, as well as to continue the success of the Singapore Legal Forum, working together with the Law Schools of NUS and even SMU this year.


In many ways, we have silenced the sceptics among us who have said from the beginning that none of this was possible. Nothing happens unless first a dream. I am heartened by our success, yet am reminded from time to time that if we have seen farther, it is by ‘standing on the shoulders’ of our predecessors. Most recently, the Singapore Government has accepted key recommendations of Justice VK Rajah’s committee on the comprehensive review of the legal services sector. As a graduating law student, I am moved to know that our initiatives as an independent student body have been met with nothing less than overwhelming support and encouragement by the practitioners – the very same people in our positions not so many years ago; the very same people we will become not so many years later.


I am grateful for the support you have given us in the past years, and hope to continue to have your support in the exciting times ahead.

Zhuang Hui Wu


Executive Committee 2007-2008
United Kingdom Singapore Law Students' Society

Zhuang Hui Wu


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