It is indeed a privilege and an honour to take over the society. Ming Wei, Jasmine, Amanda, Ren-en, Melvin and Elton have done a tremendous job over the past year. They have raised the profile of the society to a new level with the level of professionalism and excellence in their events and publications. For those of you who attended the Singapore Legal Forum or read the society's publication Lex Loci, I am sure you will agree that they were huge successes. At the same time, the vision of the society to create more career opportunities for Singaporean law students studying in the UK, keep them up to date about legal developments back home and prepare them for their challenging but fruitful time ahead in the legal sector, continues to be strengthened.


The new executive committee, consisting of Zhengyou, Nicole, Patrick, Joseph, Ann Liang and myself, will endeavour its very best to uphold the high standards set by the previous committee. We will work hard to keep the society and its members moving forward. We would like to expand membership of the society, increase the ways in which members can contribute, foster awareness of the UK education system among prospective law students and organise more dialogue sessions with Singapore firms both in the UK and Singapore.


Regarding some of the key events in our calendar, we hope to organize a Singapore Legal Forum that caters to the dynamics of a changing legal landscape and that will inspire students entering the workforce. We would like to expose some of the challenges faced in different areas of the legal sector and the strong service element underpinning each area. With respect to the society's annual magazine, Lex Loci, we shall continue to ensure its high academic standards so that it will showcase the vibrancy and intellect of UK law students. Building on the success of the Rajah & Tann visit last year, we are looking into the possibility of bringing in more firms to the UK for a combined dialogue and networking session. We hope that by scheduling this session before the Easter break, it will provide a means for students to discover internship opportunities for their summer break. Through this entire process, we are confident that Singapore firms will continue to appreciate the relevance and value of UK Singapore law students and the fact that we are up to par in every department.


I therefore hope that as you begin your new academic year, you will continue to rely on and benefit from the society's initiatives. We seek to win your trust by providing you with a platform of easily accessible career opportunities so that you may focus on the rigours of academic life without too many uncertainties about what lies ahead. As a young and constantly evolving society, we are always looking to find new ways in which we can help you. If you have any ideas or need assistance with any issues relating to a career in law in Singapore, please feel free to email any member of the team.


We look forward to working with each and everyone of you and bid you the best of luck in your studies!

Joshua Rene Jeyaraj


Executive Committee 2011-2012
United Kingdom Singapore Law Students' Society

Joshua Rene Jeyaraj


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