Dear UKSLSS members,


To those whom much is given, much is expected.” (John F. Kennedy)


There is an obvious and critical shortage for criminal, family and personal injury related legal services in Singapore. As law students in the UK, I believe we have been given much as individuals and are poised in prime position to effect change and do our part to remedy this gap. Encouraged by the support of our partners, I am thrilled to announce that the UKSLSS will actively seek to create more opportunities for interested members to exercise their legal skills for the benefit of the wider community.


This includes working closely with the Pro-Bono Services Office and other key figures passionate about pro-bono work to enable and inspire members to get involved. Through this, we hope to encourage members to recognise the importance of improving equal access to justice. We hope for students to equip themselves not only with a sound knowledge and strong technical ability but also a spirit of compassion and service at the outset of their promising careers.


Our core vision stands firm: to provide our members with career opportunities, act as the key contact point between our members and the Singaporean legal industry and equip our members with information to stay relevant in a legal landscape facing exponential change and development. The myriad choices open to each law school graduate have never been more extensive and we aspire to help each member make informed decisions as much as possible. In the year ahead, we also aim to foster a stronger spirit of camaraderie and community amongst members.


The highlights of the previous year included the Singapore Legal Forum, which saw a stimulating discourse with the Law Minister and Attorney-General as well as a discussion with a distinguished panel composed of some of the industry’s most illustrious legal elites. The society’s inaugural Law Ball proved to be a wonderful evening filled with live entertainment, fabulous food and the company of both old and new friends. Finally, the society gained the absolute honour of having former-Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong on board as the society’s first Patron, who also graciously contributed as mentor for the society’s annual publication Lex Loci.


This year, we strive to increase the readership and quality of Lex Loci as not only a platform to showcase the insight and intellect of our contributors but as an established legal publication. We also aim to cement a strong society presence and unique collegiate identity by holding regular social events throughout the year.


I am immensely thankful for the success that Ian, Meera, Sheryl, Clemence, Jin Wei and Theodore have achieved and the professionalism they have displayed. My incoming committee and I are fully dedicated to upholding these exceptional standards.


The society has indeed come a long way from its beginnings and my committee and I are relying on your involvement and support to continue the success of the UKSLSS. We are humbled and thankful for this opportunity to serve and support you and warmly welcome all feedback and suggestions on how we can better cater to your needs.


The year ahead promises to be an exciting one and we look forward to working with and for you. I wish you the very best in your future endeavours and hope to see you around.

Cheryl Teo


Executive Committee 2013-2014
United Kingdom Singapore Law Students' Society

Cheryl Aiden Teo


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