Dear Friends,


It is my distinct honour to be able to send you this email. While I write it early on a Saturday morning, I hope none of you are awake at this time to read it, though I am sure many of you are. I dearly hope however that you are awake being merry and not instead, studying in the library. To start off, the incoming Executive Committee, namely, Shang Hsuen (VP), Clara (General Secretary), Kristin (Finance Director), Yu Song (PR Director), Danica (Marketing Director), Daniel (Professional and Academic Services Director), David (Editor-in-Chief) and I (Aakash - President) would wish to express its thanks at being given the opportunity to serve you.

We also wish to thank the Immediate Past Executive Committee of Weng Keong, Sherah, Jia Hao, Cumara, Vivian and Esther for their incredible work last year. They opened up a new chapter for the society and we are excited to build on their excellent work. Meanwhile, in this email, I hope to express to you how we intend to do bring the Society ahead this Academic Year.

It is a uniquely challenging time for Singaporean UK Law Graduates, mostly due to market conditions. While we can debate the causes, effects and merits of measures taken by the Government till the cows come home, I think we have to look further. What led me to wish to take up this position has been the continuous perception that all UK graduates are merely doing is adding to the 'glut' or 'flood' of training contract seekers. We find our names being used in manner implying that we dirty or sully the competition for Training Contracts, not enhance it. If there is one thing that I wish to effect a change in during my time as President, it is this.

To this end, the Executive Committee has the vision of improving the Identity, Branding and Infrastructure of the Society. We are currently reviewing our relationships with firms, hoping to expand beyond Singaporean Law firms in particular and Law firms in general. The UKSLSS Constitution at Article 4.3 dictates the Objects of the Society to be 'To provide career advisory support to graduating Singaporean law students.' We will take this especially seriously this year. We are thus even considering tie ups with non-law firms to give our members the opportunity to decide on their career paths in a fully informed manner. We will also see whether we can provide you with benefits such as skill upgrading programmes.

Let me give you some more details about what we have planned.

New Features

The loyalty of the UKSLSS remains to the law. The previous Executive Committee brought to you the Firm in Focus as well as Weekly Legal Updates in this regard. Once the internal infrastructure of the Society is up and running, these will continue at full speed ahead.

However, there is space to improve and so the Editorial Committee led by David Lui and Ee Hsien will bring to you our 'Practice Area Insights' Feature. Law firms today are getting more specialised and thus, as a corollary, pigeonholing of trainees begins early. While we are advised to base decisions on internships, how much information do we really have to come to an informed decision? As such, we will begin work on this new feature. Not very different from alternative subject guides created by some Student Unions, it will seek to provide an insight into practice areas one might see in a Full Service or Boutique Firm. The insight will provide answers to basic questions one might have and as the Feature grows in volume, we picture it becoming a repository for you to refer to, to assist you in making informed decisions.

We also have some other new initiatives which we will be announcing down the road, so keep an eye out for our emailers!

Stepping Up

We have also seen in the past few days that many opportunities have opened up for our members. You could step up to serve by joining us as a University Representative or hone your inner Academic by joining the Editorial Committee. We have many exciting plans ahead for this year and I am sure you will not regret joining these initiatives from the ground up. The Society seeks to improve the esprit de corps among its members and highly recommends you get involved. We would love to have you on board. General enquiries could be made here. If you have more specific questions for the Editorial Committee or the University Representative Programme, feel free to drop an email to David or Clara, respectively.


I would also like to make it clear that this Executive Committee is accountable to you, the Member. Though we get nothing in return, feel free to drop any of us an email to question or criticise us. If you feel that the Executive Committee is not living up to your expectations, I would be more than happy to personally hear from you here. For any feedback, feel free to have a chat with us or your University Representative. To this end, the previous Executive Committee also made provisions for a Board of Advisors, which at this juncture contains three highly esteemed members of the profession, Mr Paul Tan, Ms Karin Lai and Mr Josephus Tan. The Executive Committee is accountable to them, and you.


I wish you the best possible year ahead. In honour of the recently belated Back to the Future Day, quoting Marty McFly: "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything." I hope you accomplish much this Academic Year, in whichever field you hold dear to yourself.


With Only the Best of Wishes,
Aakash Sardana

Executive Committee 2015-2016
United Kingdom Singapore Law Students' Society

Aakash Sardana


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