As fellow students, we understand the struggles that our members face. Hence we have put together this page to shed a little light on the vast expanse that is the reading of law and the practice of it. Feel free to give suggestions on topics that you would like to see on this page. Enjoy!


This section features students from law school, working alumni of the UKSLSS, and law practitioners. It aims to provide 'inside' information ranging from job applications to discussions about the future of law.


This section features some works published in our annual journal "Singapore Comparative Law Review", formerly known as the Lex Loci. All articles are written by fellow students.


This section aims to help prospective and current law students with law school and what comes afterwards, regardless of the jurisdiction chosen for future practice.


A newsletter is released every month by the Editorial Committee, loaded with information about current affairs, interviews and other thought-provoking reads, some of which are featured on this site.