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Editorial Committee 2020/21

The editorial committee is responsible for all publications, ranging from the annual Singapore Comparative Law Review to articles under the Insights section on this very website. Give our previous publications a read under the Archives section to see their work.

Phoenix Gay 
Second Year LLB, University of Bristol
Hello! I'm Phoenix, a second-year law student at the University of Bristol and the Editor-in-Chief of UKSLSS. In my free time (what free time lol) I'd love to take long walks, go travelling or just have a nice cup of coffee and read in a quiet space! I occasionally experiment with cooking and baking, but my go-to would be toast with oat milk iced latte :)
Darren Leow 
Newsletter Writer
First Year Law (Juris.), University of Oxford
Hi! I am Darren Leow, a first year student at the University of Oxford reading Law. I joined the UKSLSS Editorial Committee both to increase the accessibility to insights from experts in their respective fields for my like-minded peers, as well as to hone my writing abilities. My areas of interest include impact litigation, white collar disputes, and more recently, jurisprudence. In my free time (a phrase I rarely use these days), I like keeping up with politics, learning Korean and Spanish, and playing frisbee. I am always open to a discussion regarding just about anything, or even a simple chat.
Lynette Koh
Newsletter Writer
First Year LLB, University of Durham
Hello! I'm Lynette, a first year Law student at Durham University and a part-time violinist. My idea of a perfect day involves a cuppa coffee, a dash of poetry and photography, before ending it off with a good run!
Cai Fangwei
Newsblast Writer
First Year Law (Juris.), University of Oxford
Hello, I’m Fangwei and I’m a first-year Law student at Worcester College, Oxford. I have an interest in criminal law. I tend to be a quiet person, but I’m deeply caring and I value companionship. In my free time, I play the piano and the guzheng (a Chinese musical instrument). 
Claire Li 
Newsblast Writer
First Year LLB, London School of Economics and Political Science
Hi I’m claire, a first year student at LSE :) I love the outdoors, and play frisbee competitively as well. Lately, I’ve started baking (just like so many others) because of the lockdown, and am on the constant lookout for more recipes to try
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Joseph Khaw
Newsletter Writer
First Year Law (Juris.), University of Oxford
Hi! I’m Joseph, a first-year law student at the University of Oxford. Before starting at Oxford, I worked at several law firms and was also an investment analyst at an international venture capital firm. Passionate about empowering youths, I also volunteer with several student-run non-profit organisations such as Project Access and Advisory Singapore. Feel free to hit me up for a chat!
Marcus Lee 
Newsblast Writer
First Year LLB, University of Nottingham
My name is Marcus Lee, a student currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in law at the University of Nottingham. Writing has always been a small passion of mine. Be it short poems, fictional stories, or academic essays, I have always enjoyed the process that accompanied every piece I have written. To be able to have the opportunity to couple it with the law presents an interesting opportunity for me to understand the law on a deeper level. Outside of these two areas, I thoroughly enjoy anything that relates to stories being told, no matter the medium. When given a chance I spend my time consuming movies, musicals and books, that provide an opportunity for me to step into worlds and characters separate from my own. 
Newsblast Writer
First Year LLB, University College London


I am a first year law undergraduate at University College London (UCL). 

A graduate from Temasek Polytechnic’s Law & Management course, I am passionate about intellectual property, technology, media & entertainment law. 

Innately curious, I pursue a wide range of hobbies including analog photography, martial arts, and filmmaking. 

Marcus Ho
Newsblast Writer
Third Year Law, University of Cambridge
Hello! My name is Marcus Ho, and I am a final year law undergraduate at the University of Cambridge. My main areas of interest in the legal discipline are primarily focused on the development of law and regulation in the technological ecosystem. This is especially exciting given the rapid advancement of technology in recent years, raising new issues in areas of regulation such as artificial intelligence, personal data protection and the like. In my free time, I enjoy tinkering with Python and I have been exploring the use of NLP in the creation of AI within the legal discipline. I have also published a number of articles relating to cross-border data flows, regulation of autonomous vehicles and the use of algorithms in the modern world of Competition Law!