The Singapore Comparative Law Review

Established in 2006

The Singapore Comparative Law Review, our annual publication, was first launched in 2006 as Lex Loci. That year, 500 copies were published and distributed to all Singapore law students studying in the UK, law firms in Singapore, as well as various institutions such as The Law Society of Singapore, National Library Board and the judiciary. The publication has since gone from strength to strength and evolved into a comparative law journal, tapping on the unique position of UK-educated Singapore law students to conduct analyses on pertinent legal issues facing both common law jurisdictions. In this vein, the journal was renamed the Singapore Comparative Law Review in 2018 to highlight this comparative niche.


Since 2013, the publication has also had the absolute honour and privilege to have as its Patron the distinguished Justice Chan Sek Keong, Senior Judge and former-Chief Justice. The publication has benefitted immensely from his mentorship.


Each edition is launched at the UKSLSS' annual Singapore Legal Forum. We look forward to bringing you the 2020 edition of the Singapore Comparative Law Review. All contributions are welcome and can be addressed to


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