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President's Message (2023/24)

Titus Soh, 2023/24

Dear Friends,

In conclusion of another successful academic year, allow me to begin by thanking the previous Executive Committee of the United Kingdom Singapore Law Student Society (“UKSLSS”) consisting of Ethan Teo, Nikhita Nair, Felicia Ong, Charmaine Tan, Joshua Tan, Luke Zhang and Lee Xuan Yi, for their commendable effort in tremendously boosting the UKSLSS’ activities and expanding our sponsorship engagements since the COVID-19 Pandemic. Their team has blazed quite a trail, leaving me and my team excited as to what we can achieve to further calcify our society’s strong position.

At this juncture, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the 24th Executive Committee of the UKSLSS consisting of: myself Titus Soh (KCL) as the President, Lucia Marie Ng (Warwick) as the Vice-President, Takashi Biswas (Bristol) as the General Secretary, Ky-Lynne Toh (Birmingham) as the Finance Director, Sujatha Baskaran (Durham) as the Marketing Director, Celeste Chai (Cambridge) as the Sponsorships Director and last but not least, Priyansh Shah (LSE) as the Editor-In-Chief.

The Ceaseless Journey

In his address to the newly minted lawyers during Mass Call 2023, the Honourable Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon reiterated the core values of a learned and honourable profession and how these cherished ideals are tied to a commitment of lifelong learning. I draw wisdom from his address and my predecessors, who have similarly emphasised in their presidential messages, that there is a need to stay relevant. This has become more applicable than ever in this rapidly developing world, where existing knowledge is replaced with newer knowledge at a much faster rate (“The Diminishing half-life of knowledge” as the Honourable Chief Justice mentioned in his address). In light of this, we, as students of a rigorous and learned area of study, must remain steadfast in the ceaseless journey of learning. This journey should not feel arduously Sisyphean. Instead, it should be an insatiable excitement for more.

Continuation and Expansion

Being cognizant of this, the UKSLSS aims to catalyse our members’ learning by continuing the successful events carried out by the previous Executive Committee such as the Vacation Scheme Helpdesk, Bar Careers Talk and Singapore Legal Forum. These events will continue to keep our members exposed to the relevant processes, happenings and challenges of the legal industry in both the UK and Singapore. Unlike our English counterparts, the UKSLSS also provides our members with access to Singapore firms, streamlining the path home should we wish to return for our careers.

As a society, UKSLSS must also be ceaselessly pursuing new knowledge, opportunities and development. Not only are we going to maintain our predecessors’ best works, we are also planning to innovate and expand by launching new initiatives lest we stagnate as a society.  

Additionally, the society is looking to extend its outreach to more firms, including international firms which have offices in Singapore. We also wish to strengthen the existing relations with our current sponsors and partners through some of our new initiatives. My team and I look forward to sharing more details of such progress when they have been finalised and achieved.


The UKSLSS also extends an invitation to our members to join our sub-committee. Besides value-adding to their portfolios and gaining marketable skills, they will have the opportunity to help their contemporaries while concurrently contributing to the society.

Firstly, we will be recruiting University Representatives (“Uni Reps”) from each university to help the Executive Committee in the organization and marketing of events. Uni Reps will have the opportunity to work closely with members of the Executive Committee and interact with our sponsors and partners.

Secondly, we are recruiting writers, editors and managing editors for our Editorial Committee to publish blogs for the UKSLSS. The Editorial Committee is led by the Editor-In-Chief, who will also be overseeing the publication of the 19th Edition of the Singapore Comparative Law Review (SCLR), which has a separate recruitment cycle. Hence, members of the Editorial Committee would be in a better placed position to join the SCLR Editorial Board as they would be more familiar with the structures and procedures of the UKSLSS Editorial.  

Last but not least, our Marketing Committee will be recruiting Marketing Executives who will work closely with our Marketing Director to promote our events and UKSLSS’ reach. As the keystone to boosting UKSLSS’ outreach and publicity, the Marketing Team will also have the exciting opportunity to exemplify their creativity and innovation.

Our recruitment will commence soon! So do keep a look out for them on our social media and communication channels!

Telegram Channel: UKSLSS 

Instagram: @theukslss

LinkedIn: United Kingdom Singapore Law Students’ Society

Facebook: United Kingdom Singapore Law Students’ Society

Mailing List: Subscribe here

The Family Away From Home

Apart from supporting Singaporean Students in their career advancements and personal developments, UKSLSS also aims to be the family away from home. Hence, we will be working closely with leaders of the various Singapore Societies across the United Kingdom to facilitate a variety of our social and professional events. The warmth of familiarity can be comforting when you are away from home for extended periods of time.

Although our time in law school is temporary, we hope that the support and friendship you find in UKSLSS does not reach a terminus but instead extends beyond your time as a law student.

Concluding Remarks

The advent of another academic year is once again upon us. Our area of study and the legal vocation is a rigorous one which requires sustained hard work. It is even more difficult to be in the trenches alone. Hence, the UKSLSS hopes to be a pillar of support for all UK-Singapore Law Students, both professionally and socially. I sincerely hope that your time with us will be one that you can look back on fondly as part of your sojourn in law school.

Yours Faithfully,
Soh Yi Fei Titus

On behalf of the 24th Executive Committee

United Kingdom Singapore Law Students’ Society

Titus Soh


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